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Bill McKibben – Founder and Senior Advisor at and Schumann Distinguished Professor in Residence at Middlebury College in Vermont. He is a 2014 recipient of the Right Livelihood Prize, sometimes called the ‘alternative Nobel’ and is a founding fellow of the Sanders Institute. He has written a dozen books about the environment, including his..

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Reducing the Impact of Wasted Food by Feeding the Soil and Composting The 5 Steps of the EPA Program Sustainable Management of Food Home Basics Food Recovery Hierarchy Prevention through Source Reduction Feed Hungry People Feed Animals Industrial Uses Composting Food Recovery Challenge

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The oil industry giant Chevron began operating in Ecuador’s Amazon rain forest in 1964. Over the course of thirty years, this majestic environmental wonder became the victim of unregulated corporate abuse and greed. By the time the corporation vacated the area in 1992, their toxic footprint had brought about 1700 times more damage to the..

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“The Trustees of Reservations preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts.” Who We Are We are more than 100,000 people like you who love the outdoors, who love the distinctive charms of New England, and who believe in celebrating and protecting them, for everyone, forever. Together..

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Former vice president Al Gore shares his concerns on the pressing issue of global warming in this documentary. A long-time environmental activist, Gore first became aware of evidence on global warming in the 1970s, and since leaving public office he has become a passionate advocate for large- and small-scale changes in our laws and lifestyles..

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Once perceived as a laggard in hybrid technology, Ford now claims nearly 500 hybrid patents that allow the Fusion Hybrid to achieve 41 MPG on the highway. According to, Ford has pointed to its talented inventors, making “special mention of Ming Kuang who has helped Ford since 2000 to expand its portfolio of hybrid..

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Become a VIP – Vermont Invasive Patroller! Early detection is vital to protecting Vermont’s water bodies from harmful invasive plants and animals. With more than 800 lakes and ponds throughout the state, volunteers play a key role in our surveying efforts. Vermont Invasive Patrollers (VIPs) monitor water bodies for new introductions of invasive species and..

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Eurasian Watermilfoil in Vermont – Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.) is a non-native aquatic plant that currently infests a number of Vermont lakes (pdf, 117 KB), including the state’s largest, Lakes Champlain, Memphremagog and Bomoseen (view map) & Dunmore. This plant is known for its rapid growth and ability to spread, which can lead to..

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Project Description: The usage of drones to automate industrial scale reforestation.

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41:37 David Attenborough – SURVIVAL ISLAND. Ecology Climate Documentary Around The World South Georgia is an island southeast of South America. For a short period each year, the temperatures rise into bearable regions, and the island fills with birds and seals who use the short time for feeding and breeding. Written by Julian Reischl

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Preview of an article published on pages 20 – 22 of American Heritage September 2001. The brief Preview excerpt reads: EARLY NAVAL HISTORY AND TODAY’S URBAN ENERGY ON CHAMPLAIN’S SHORES IN FEBRUARY 1998, VERMONT’S senator Patrick Leahy attached few words to a bill pending in Congress: “The term `Great Lakes’ includes Lake Champlain.” With President..

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12:58 The intertidal mudflats of the Yellow Sea contain the most important stopover sites for migratory shorebirds in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway – a flyway that has transported birds from breeding grounds in the Russian and Alaskan Arctic to wintering areas in Southern Asia, Australia and New Zealand for hundreds of thousands of years. The..

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1:07:32 BBC News Official YouTube Channel Documentary Episode 1 North America Earth Flight Full Screen Published on Apr 17, 2016 Interested in global news with an impartial perspective? Birds, Ecology, Migration, Winged Migration, Pattern, Bonding, Preservation,

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10:00 Know VT Neighbors Blue Spruce Dairy Farm in Bridport, Addison County, Vermont Vermont PBS Farming, Farm Technology, Ecology, Stuck in Vermont, Vermont Land Trust

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9:52 Excerpts from Schwartzberg documentary narrated by Meryl Streep. Ecology, John Shegerian Radio GreenIsGood interview Louie Schwartzberg MovingArt Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg Delves into the realm of flowers and their pollinators.

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47:29 African Wildlife HD Part 1 – The wildlife of Africa is the world’s greatest heritage, drawing millions of visitors from around the globe to the legendary game parks and the Kruger Park is easily the best place to experience it all. With the greatest diversity of species in Africa, and easy accessibility, the park..

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Products to enable better understanding of your home energy use and means of improving the efficient use of home energy. Products provide a range of information and sophistication, but some are priced at about $25. More complete information models are described on a video, with features demonstrated. Ecology Efficiency energy management

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Animals; Plants; Habitats; Adaptations; Planet Earth intro Nature, Ecology, preservation

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John D. Sutter is an award-winning columnist for CNN Digital and creator of the network’s “2 degrees” project, which aims to involve readers in climate change coverage. Ecology Environment Nature Science Weather Sea Level. See also Bill McKibben

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Appliance savings calculator for Energy Star Ecology, Environment, Economy of Home