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Commenter: “Old film of New York City in the year 1911. Print has survived in mint condition. Slowed down footage to a natural rate and added in sound for ambiance. This film was taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern on a trip to America” Dec 7, 1929 – Driving Through Broadway At Daytime, NYC..

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20:22 Weather Remembering the 1998 Ice Storm in Upstate New York and Montreal Commenter: ” Joe Fullerton – I remember this storm clearly…I was 7, and, as a 7 year old, loved the fact that the gentle hill behind our house, which was never great for sledding because of how slight the incline was, suddenly..

Where Does New York City’s Trash Go? | ... Visit

The New York Times Published on Sep 25, 2014 New York City has one of the largest sanitation departments in the world, but, with declining landfills, we follow waste from sidewalks and garbage trucks to treatment facilities and upstate farms. Subscribe on YouTube: New York City has the most complex waste management system in..

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Barbara Hendricks (born November 20, 1948) is an African-American operatic soprano and concert singer. Hendricks has lived in Europe since 1977, and in Switzerland in Basel since 1985. She is a citizen of Sweden following her marriage to a Swedish citizen. Hendricks was born in Stephens, Arkansas. Growing up, she sang and took voice lessons..

51:15 Aerial America: New York City 24 (Full ... Visit

51:15 See also – – Aerial America: New York City 24 (Full Episode). New York City’s five boroughs, capturing the city’s man-made and natural wonders and revealing the surprising ways its citizens live, work, and play in a city of 8,500,000 people.

1:52:52 New York History Volume I – 160... Visit

1:52:52 See also Volume 2 and 3. History

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50:35 Great Museums Television. Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a three dimensional encyclopedia of art history. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

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2:08:37 Aerial Video SkyLine HD (San Francisco, New York, London, Hawaii, China) by Skyline HD Videos From Above.

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25:37 Walking tour of Times Square in Midtown Manhattan, New York City 【4K Times Square, the most popular and busiest attraction in New York. It is also known as “The Crossroads of the World” or “The Center of the Universe”. This place literally doesn’t sleep. 24 hours of bright, massive electronic billboards and tourists continuously..

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3:40:32 Published on Sep 28, 2016 The film chronologically progresses from early morning to the small hours of the night, showcasing daily life around Manhattan. – Early morning up to 10 AM (0:00 – 24:07) – Daytime from 10 AM to 2 PM (24:08 – 1:45:37) – Daytime from 2 PM to 4 PM (1:45:38..

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Published on Mar 30, 2017 26 Videos Playlist Mix Victor Goines (Sax/Clarinet) revisits the songbooks of ragtime composers Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, and James Scott; James Chirillo (Guitar/Banjo), Ted Nash (saxes), Chris Pattishall (Piano), Yasushi Nakamura (Bass), Joe Saylor (Drums), Chris Crenshaw (Trombone) and Marcus Printup and Kenny Rampton (Trumpets)

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Joe Arpaio – New York Times article pertaining to pardon by President Trump, written before the pardon was granted, on August 25, 2017 The final paragraph of the article is compelling, reading: “Pardons are by definition political decisions, and presidents of both parties have used them in unsavory ways. What’s remarkable here is that Mr…

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La Vie Parisienne – French Chansons From the 1930s & 40s (Past Perfect) Full Album

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For generations, the Italian maestro was the most electrifying figure in classical music. Why did critics turn against him? Photograph from Popperfoto / Getty: Toscanini; William Tell Overture; Beethoven Symphony #9 Choral; Musical Genius What is the most familiar piece of classical music? The most thoroughly roasted chestnut? A piece so overplayed that it has..

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12:55 For more on Ballet visit: – Music dance physical challenge en pointe

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Ballet: Allegro Brillante en pointe Coach: Maria Tallchief Taped 1999

New York City Ballet Workout | Volume 1 Dance... Visit

Sarah Jessica Parker introduces this holistic fitness programme formerly used exclusively by the New York Ballet Company. Dancers demonstrate the exercises, which were designed by the film’s narrator, Peter Martins, to balance fitness, life and art. The workout is divided into 17 short sections: 0:00 Introduction by Sarah Jessica Parker 2:30 Section 1: Warm Up..

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1:27:01 Thomas Friedman The Daniel Pearl Foundation was formed in 2002 in memory of the Wall Street Journal’s South Asia Bureau Chief, journalist/musician Daniel Pearl, to promote the ideals that inspired his life and work. The Foundation works domestically and internationally to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, to counter cultural and religious intolerance, to cultivate..

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6:01 The Ms. Senior America pageant caters not to women on the cusp of adulthood but to those who have experienced life in all of its joys and sorrows. They’re still kicking — and kicking high. By SAMANTHA STARK, TAIGE JENSEN and ABBY ELLIN on Publish Date December 2, 2016. Photo by Roger Kisby for..

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92nd Street Y (92Y) is a multifaceted cultural institution and community center located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, USA, at the corner of East 92nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Its full name is 92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (YM-YWHA). It is not part of the..