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The Bobolink Project – Helping farmers ... Visit

Ecology Endangered species grassland birds Protection of grassland nesting birds

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Cornell Univ Lab of Ornithology 39 Species Trailer to 3-part full Tim Laman Photog; Ed Scholes Researcher Explore more: The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth. After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes..

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National Geographic Winged Seduction Birds of Paradise 45 minutes Beautiful Video. See also parts 2 and 3 – – & – – Ornithologist documentary video

Morning Birds & Soft Rain Sounds 1.25 ho... Visit

Morning bird and soft rain so;unds Bird sounds of uncaged birds

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Audio & Video narration

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Nature study video birds Loon call audio

Birds of Vermont Museum Visit

Huntington VT Museum Over 470 bird carvings. Education re birds & their roles in the earth’s ecosystems

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1 Hour of bird songs Perk up the cat’s ears

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2:54 Amazing! Bird Sounds From The Lyre Bird – David Attenborough – BBC Wildlife Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: BBC Earth The BBC Earth YouTube channel is home to over 50 years-worth of the best animal videos from the BBC archive. With three new videos released..

5:10 Kiwi | Animal Fact Files – New Zea...

5:10 Kiwi | Animal Fact Files – New Zealand endangered flightless bird/animal: lacks significant characteristics of birds, and has many characteristics of animals.

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1:30 Kea destroying police car New Zealand: Two Kea birds slowly disassembling a police car

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Kea search results list – 200 Videos Playlist New Zealand intelligent (and destructive) bird National Geographic, Kea Parrot, Swans, Hawks, India, Birds of Paradise, Bird documentaries, American Eagle See #7 Tragedy & Triumph – An American Robin Documentary

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Top 10 David Attenborough Moments Published on Jul 2, 2018 Top 10 David Attenborough Moments Subscribe: Naturalist, broadcaster, presenter, this man truly is a national treasure. For this list, we’re counting down the finest, most memorable and most iconic moments from the long, distinguished and influential career of Sir David Attenborough. The much-loved broadcaster..

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Live Stream 24/7 Cornell Lab of Ornithology & West Texas Avian Research Hummmingbird Study Cornell Lab Bird Cams Project Started streaming on Jul 9, 2018 Watch live at for more information about hummingbirds and highlights from the feeders. The West Texas Hummingbird Feeder Cam is sponsored by Perky-Pet®. It is nestled in the mountains..

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History: “The term biomimicry appeared as early as 1982. Biomimicry was popularized by scientist and author Janine Benyus in her 1997 book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. Biomimicry is defined in the book as a “new science that studies nature’s models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human..

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Yellowstone Park Nature; Hummingbirds Ultra Slow Motion; New Zealand; Norway; Old Quebec City, Canada in 4K Ultra HD; Hisense scenic beauty

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October 17, 2017 — Long before he became a famous biographer, Walter Isaacson cut his professional teeth as a young newspaperman in his native New Orleans, a city known for its vivid eccentrics. Isaacson has been writing about eccentrics ever since, his literary production yielding an aviary of odd birds. His previous books include a..

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Bird Song Recordings Worldwide Dance Moves Support Evidence for New Bird-of-Paradise Species 30 Jun 2017 The Superb Bird-of-Paradise—the shape-shifting black bird of central New Guinea that woos its mate with an iridescent blue “smiley-face” dance—has an equally superb cousin in the isolated mountains of Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Peninsula in the island’s far west. Scientist Ed..

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41:37 David Attenborough – SURVIVAL ISLAND. Ecology Climate Documentary Around The World South Georgia is an island southeast of South America. For a short period each year, the temperatures rise into bearable regions, and the island fills with birds and seals who use the short time for feeding and breeding. Written by Julian Reischl

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54:23 The program shows how, from his earliest childhood in the suburbs of London, Alfred Hitchcock was a precociously sedentary loner. His active imagination helped him gain an apprenticeship in the fledgling British movie business, from where he travelled to Germany to learn the craft of film-making before returning to make Blackmail. With his script..