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1:01:50 Arthritis can be Reversed! Dr. Bergman explains how arthritis is not a problem with degeneration and it’s not a normal part of the aging process. In this video, you’ll learn how arthritis is actually an intelligent protective mechanism of the body in response to abnormal motion or trauma. This means that if motion and..

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Chittenden County RA Support Group What causes arthritis?

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Suzanne Farrell From Wikipedia – Ballet ballerina, George Ballanchine, NYC Ballet. Tribute to Rudolph Nureyev follows. Farrell began her ballet training at the age of eight. In 1960, she received a scholarship to the renowned School of American Ballet. Her first leading roles in ballets came in the early 1960s. A muse of George Balanchine,..

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SUMMARY -Walking prevents the early onset of dementia, reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and improves your overall mental well-being by reducing stress and releasing endorphins. -Get on the road to improve vision and protect your eyes now from potential problems, such as glaucoma, in the future. -Walking is no less effective than running..

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Adult Asthma Guide Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Center Guide to Managing Severe Asthma Guide to Osteoarthritis of the Knee Healthy Living With Hypothyroidism HIV and Your Health How to Quit Smoking Life Hacks for Irritated Skin Living Better With Type 2 Diabetes Managing Cystic Fibrosis Over the Long Term Managing Psychosis and Parkinson’s Disease Managing Type..

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ParentGiving Home Care Products for Seniors Aging Products – An excellent product information source for Seniors and Care Givers. Electric Mobility Scooters – A mobility scooter is an electrically-powered chair on wheels with a steering wheel or handle. Electric mobility scooters come in 3- & 4-wheel varieties and assist those with walking disabilities in getting..

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***** 3:10 Video of French Impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painting and smoking, a few years before his death. During this period, Renoir worked in constant pain due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that left him unable to walk, with a permanently clenched hand, and near-paralyzed. When asked by Henri Matisse why he kept painting,..

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Interactive imagemap of Large Painting shown near the bottom of the page, above Closeups Hover of the cursor above each individual brings name of the person, and brief information. Renoir – Boating Party Interactive – Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881). Hover your mouse over a person in the painting to see person’s name, and..

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“We carry everything for the blind and visually impaired including canes and mobility aids, magnifiers, talking watches, talking clocks, talking bibles, large print books, smoke detectors, Braille products, talking cooking gadgets, voice recognition software and much, much more. In particular, magnifiers and talking products make wonderful gifts for grandparents and for individuals who are blind..

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Champlain Valley Agency on Aging, Inc.CVAA is one of five Area Agencies on Aging in Vermont. Serves Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties in northwestern Vermont. – Offers a wide array of services for Aging in Place. Health Insurance Assistance Program, Health Ins Counseling, Meals on Wheels, Community Meals, Wellness, Exercise Tai Chi Dance,..