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14:01 Cloud Forest Costa Rica Monteverde Exot... Visit

14:01 Cloud Forest Costa Rica Monteverde Exotic Birds Published on Jun 14, 2014 Sights and Sounds of the Santa Elena Monteverde cloud forest.

15:46 Tropical Birds of Ecuador, Part 1 Cock-... Visit

15:46 Tropical Birds of Ecuador, Part 1 Cock-of-the-Rock, tanagers, tucans, motmot

4:25 A clip from the David Attenborough-narra... Visit

A clip from the David Attenborough-narrated series Our Planet, introducing us to a few species of exotic birds residing in New Guinea, highlighted by the Bird of Paradise, which puts on an amazing show to attract a mate. Flixxy videos and comments are all PG rated. They are “Safe For All Ages” and “Safe For..

9:02 Super Slow Motion Birds – Hawks, E... Visit

9:02 Super Slow Motion Birds – Hawks, Eagle

48:07 OWLS – Owl Documentary (HD) Amazi... Visit

48:07 OWLS – Owl Documentary (HD) Amazing Film, Harry Potter Birds (Earth Documentaries)

1:25 Birdseye Flight View – Eagle Flyin... Visit

An eagle carrying a small video camera shows us what it’s like to fly over ‘La Mer De Glace’ in Chamonix, France. 1:25 Birdseye Flight View – Eagle Flying Video

52:56 Crows : Documentary on The Intelligent ... Visit

52:56 Crows : Documentary on The Intelligent World of Crows (Full Documentary) Smart Birds

Kea Alpine Parrots Avalanche Park NZ MANY Vid... Visit

Kea Alpine Parrots Avalanche Park NZ MANY Playlist Mix, Arthur’s Pass, Kakapo, Birds Indigenous to New Zealand. Intelligent Birds

45:07 Zambia Wildlife – World’s Most ... Visit

45:07 Zambia Wildlife – World’s Most Exotic Birds | Wild Bird (2018 Documentary) FD documentaries & production Published on Mar 13, 2018 Zambia’s Luangwa Valley is home to Africa’s biggest giants but its birds make it unique. There are over 400 different species in the Valley and each has adapted to exploit every opportunity on..

23:20 Shuka Vana ~ Rehabilitation Centre for ... Visit

23:20 Commenter: “Be there, see that and feel the magic” is probably a simple way to describe the Sukha Vana rehabilitation center in Mysore. The statue of Sukha Maharshi is very beautiful. This 1 acre facility is top class with over 70 physical homes to these birds. Utmost care has been taken to protect the..

11:12 Identify Your Common Backyard Birds Visit

11:12 Identify Your Common Backyard Birds Lew Scharpf Published on Feb 27, 2015 This video enables identification of common wintertime backyard feeder birds. It was designed for use by new and amateur birders. Visual characteristics and bird calls are provided to enable identification. Suggested feeder food is provided for some species.

All About Birds | The Cornell Lab of Ornithol... Visit

Basic Description – Bobolinks as an example of bird identification through The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Perched on a grass stem or displaying in flight over a field, breeding male Bobolinks are striking. No other North American bird has a white back and black underparts (some have described this look as wearing a tuxedo backwards)…

1:30:09 Kookaburra Chorus; Relaxing Sounds of... Visit

1:30:09 Amazing Australian dawn chorus. Recorded at Fryers Forest in Australia from first light ‘til the sun showed its face over the horizon. Audio from Freesounds:… Photo blended from the following Flickr photos:… – kookaburra… – frog… – crow and miners

50:50 Beak and Brain: Genius Birds from Down ... Visit

50:50 Bird Intelligence – Kea & New Caledonia Crow. Ingenuity Tests, Inventiveness, persistence

15:29 Starling Murmuration Cornwall – F... Visit

15:29 Filmed over 4 years at Marazion Marsh in Cornwall England Starling Murmuration Cornwall – From Wire To Roost – Birds Flying and Flocking Together – – Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Hummingbirds – National Geographic Slow... Visit

A mesmerizing look at Hummingbirds’ amazing flight capability.

46:07 David Attenborough’s – Big ... Visit

46:07 Meet the big birds, a feathered family who have never flown a day in their lives. From ostriches to kiwis, these bizarre birds appear to be nature’s greatest novelty act. How they came to be and how they continue to survive is a fascinating tale that has long captivated Sir David Attenborough. It is..

53:47 National Geographic Documentary Wild &#... Visit

53:47 Parrots in the Land of Oz National Geographic Documentary Wild -Parrots Majestic Birds – BBC Documentary History Nat Geo Wild (stylized as Nat Geo WILD or abbreviated as NGW) is a cable/satellite TV channel focused primarily on wildlife and natural history programming. It is a sister network to National Geographic Channel and it is..

50:04 Hummingbirds – Magic in the Air (... Visit

50:04 Be sure to change your feeder’s nectar at least once a week and twice a week in summer. If you don’t it will begin to grow mold and make the birds very sick. If you don’t keep your feeders and nectar clean the hummers will quit coming to your place. NEVER use artificial sweeteners,..

46:07 David Attenborough’s Big Birds &#... Visit

46:07 Cassowary, Kiwi and other large bird information. Nature as David Attenborough interprets it.