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Background information on a person dedicated to the empowerment of the patient as a valued member of the health care team.

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“An engaged patient plays an active role in his or her care… Medical ‘e-Patients are Empowered, Engaged, Equipped and Enabled.’ –Dave deBronkart, also known as “e-Patient Dave” Knowledge is power. And when it comes to your health, that’s especially true. Being an engaged patient means being more informed about your health. It means having the..

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Patient is most important member of treatment teamMedical Info Networking TEDTalks Ted Talks TED Talks – LET Patients HELP to diagnose & treat serious medical condition

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Personal Record EHR Electronic Health Record Patient personal electronic health record

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e-Patient .net “Who Can Fix Health Care?” Dr. Al Mulley’s talk – It’s Here, Now, and US

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