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The First Great American Road Trip – Christopher Klein Adventure before pavement Horatio Nelson of Burlington Vermont BTV In 1903, a former bicyclist, a dog riding shotgun and a retired doctor looking to collect a $50 bar bet embarked on America’s first cross-country road trip. See Full Video – – 1:46:47 Kristina Schwager Published..

50:00 San Francisco Quake 1989 Earthquake SFO Visit

50:00 Documentary about the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in Northern California and San Francisco. 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Date October 17, 1989 Origin time 5:04:15 p.m. PDT Duration 8–15 seconds Magnitude 6.9 Mw Depth 12 mi (19 km) Epicenter 37.04°N 121.88°WCoordinates: 37.04°N 121.88°W Type Oblique-slip Areas affected Central Coast (California)..

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20:40 Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections. conductor, Boston Philharmonic, leadership, passion Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He is known around.. Visit

Lighting in closets, drawers, etc.

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Small-scale living by adaptive technology Video shwoing small-space adaptive living

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CBS 60 Minutes Organ replacement, CRISPR modification for defect correction. CBS 60 Minutes – – Organ replacement, CRISPR modification for defect correction. “An average of 22 people die in America every day while waiting for organ transplants, but a group of researchers from the biotech company eGenesis hope to eventually change that statistic by..

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Circus Smirkus is a nonprofit arts and education organization based in Greensboro, Vermont. Our mission is to promote the skills, culture and traditions of the traveling circus, and to inspire youth to engage in life-changing adventures in the circus arts. Since 1987, Circus Smirkus has been bringing the transforming power of the circus arts to..

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31:07 The Fall of The Simpsons: How it Happened As the longest-running prime-time narrative series on American television, The Simpsons continues to draw a loyal and rabid following. But over the years, some disgruntled viewers have noticed a major shift in the show’s levels of daring originality and comic vibrancy. One of those fans has..

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Motors for the Masses Published on Mar 8, 2019 In this episode we test the new Hybrid SUV from Toyota that is the Rav4. Let us know your thoughts on this car. THANK YOU SLM Toyota in Lowestoft for the use of this car. If you would like to support us, please visit our Patreon..


10:41 | 10 PERSONAL TRANSPORT VEHICLES MADE TO GET YOU MOVING #mindseyevideo #transportation #transports 10 PERSONAL TRANSPORT VEHICLES MADE TO GET YOU MOVING 214,529 views 2.5K 116 Share Save Minds Eye Design Published on Jul 4, 2018 From transforming suitcases to flying machines, personal mobility is coming along at breakneck speeds. Here is our list..

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Xyleco Technology – Founded by Marshall Medoff with the vision of increasing the world’s available sustainable resources. Leading the Sustainable Industrial Revolution Xyleco was founded by Marshall Medoff with the vision of increasing the world’s available sustainable resources. Non-food biomass waste is plentiful and renewable. In order to create a sustainable resource from biomass, it..

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1:27:12 Norman Rockwell Documentary – – Sherway Academy Arts & Sciences Published on Oct 12, 2017 Norman Perceval Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978) was a 20th-century American author, painter and illustrator. His works enjoy a broad popular appeal in the United States for its reflection of American culture. Rockwell is most..

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Azamara Club Cruises Tips. 7 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising Tips For Travellers Published on Nov 1, 2018 In this video you will discover 7 things you really should know before cruising with Azamara Club Cruises on a cruising vacation. I discuss things like who they are, who they compete with, who they..

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7:41 Gary Bembridge – 9 Best River Cruises In The World – What you’ll seeTips For Travellers Published on Apr 5, 2018 What are the best river cruises in the world? Which rivers should you consider cruising on, and why? Discover the very best rivers to cruise along across Europe, Asia, Africa and the United..

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3:33:30 Classical Music/ /Reference Recording “Variations are a game, a game of memory involving the remembering of the theme and of the tune in its exploitation in which it is still recognized, but transformed in the course of the series (which contains six, never fewer, to twelve variations).” Published on Sep 15, 2018 Wolfgang Amadeus..

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A human drama unlike any other—the riveting and definitive full story of the worst sea disaster in United States naval history. Just after midnight on July 30, 1945, days after delivering the components of the atomic bomb from California to the Pacific Islands in the most highly classified naval mission of the war, USS Indianapolis..

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55:53 Death Valley National Park – 4K (Ultra HD) Nature Documentary Film – History and Beauty of awe-inspiring place. 4K Relaxation Channel Published on Feb 18, 2017 Enjoy this truly remarkable National Park that attracts millions of tourists. Take delight in a unique phenomenon, when Death Valley is transformed and when it comes to life,..

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BBC Nature Home British Wildlife Filming Techniques Earth on TV & Radio How the ocean transforms at night Conservation – Return of the otters

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13:02 What’s the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuki discusses the science of how working out boosts your mood and memory — and protects your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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2:37 The Trials Of J Robert Oppenheimer | PBS America – Nuclear Bombs Manhattan Project Award-winning producer David Grubin presents a complex and revealing portrait of one of the most important American scientists of the twentieth century. J Robert Oppenheimer was picked to head The Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico, which developed the..