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“It was a real gathering place. The food was terrific. You could smell someone who came out of Elsie’s from a mile away,” the dean said. “My favorite was the roast beef special. It had a spectacular dressing.” Elsie’s filled a niche that many of today’s restaurants and cafes don’t, Dingman said. “Everybody ate there,..

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Peter Forg Manufacturing, Somerville Massachusetts Metal Stamping Equipment Presses We currently have more than 20 modern punch presses including the following: AIDA 160 Ton AIDA 80 Ton Bliss SI-500 500 Ton Punch Press with 100 Ton Die Cushion Bliss #4 Toggle Deep Drawing Press Bliss SI-250 250 Ton Punch Press Bliss 308A 255 Ton Punch..

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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (self-styled as Commander Pulitzer and formerly Jeffry Jovan Philyaw) is an American entrepreneur and former treasure hunter from Dallas, Texas, known for inventing the widely-criticised CueCat barcode scanner.

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20:43 Black Wall Street Remembered – Tulsa Burning – Greenwood District Tulsa was the site of the worst race massacre in American history in 1921. Some 300 people were killed and property damage ran into the millions. Tulsa’s African-Americans overcame. The Greenwood District was rebuilt and, by 1942, boasted 242 Black-owned and Black-operated business establishments…

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12:41 Uncovering the Greenwood Massacre, nearly a century later – Tulsa Burning The History Channel has picked up Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre (working title) from Peabody and Emmy-Award winner Stanley Nelson and Peabody and duPont-Award winner Marco Williams. The documentary also comes from NBA superstar Russell Westbrook, Donnell Beverly (President of Russell Westbrook..

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Farmers Markets: find a Winter farmers market near you! Bennington | Brattleboro | Burlington | Montpelier | Dorset | Hartland | Middlebury | Morrisville | Northfield | Norwich | Putney | St. Johnsbury | Rutland

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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett set out to get the rich to give more. Here’s what happened. Background information information provided on participants.

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Google 08/06/2020 | COVID-19 prevention information sources – 150,000 USA deaths per DAY

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Vermont Memories Parts 1 thru 7 Into the 50’s – VT Memories Playlist

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1:14:02 Lobster War: The Fight Over The World’s Richest Fishing Grounds Commenter: “Covid 19 crashed lobster prices due to China’s huge increasing taste for lobster and halt of shipping lobster to China. In Maine, lobsters were pennies on the dollar to buy. But try to buy them on the internet, for live or cooked lobsters..