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Overcoming “Bin-decision” – How to sort your recyclable plastic so more plastic is properly recycled and reused.

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1:14:29 Gloucester’s Golden Age Of Fishing: Part 2 (1940 – 1955) A film by Jim LaBelle and Produced by Ron Gilson Ron Gilson 330 subscribers A film by Jim LaBelle and Produced by Ron Gilson, author of An Island No More The historic fishing industry of Gloucester Massachusetts detailed through local interviews, fascinating industry-related stories,..

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1:50:28 Tucker: The Man and His Dream Jeff Bridges gives a dazzling performance as Preston Tucker, a dynamic automotive visionary determined to create the car of the future. Against all odds, Tucker builds the Tucker Torpedo, and the better, safer and more beautiful his car becomes the more opposition stiffens until his factory is shut..

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Noubar Afeyan was born to Armenian parents in Lebanon. At the age of 13, he immigrated with his family to Canada and attended college there. Noubar was accepted to a Ph.D. program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), at the time the only school with an advanced program in biochemical engineering. After earning his..

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BEST HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS 5 Home Security Systems reviewed – SimpliSafe Best + 4 others

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Ron Mott From Wikipedia – Ron Mott is an American television news correspondent. He formerly worked for NBC News, and was a regular contributor to Today, NBC Nightly News, and MSNBC. Patron at Skyburgers in BTV Burlington Vermont approximately 2004.

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Visiting Vermont’s 251 towns… VT 251 Map This map was created by local Vermonters for local Vermonters. Vermonters Michele and Alexia traveled the state photographing the towns’ welcome signs, and local Vermont artist Aiden Cole curated the map. Vermonter Justin Perdue created the website. Proceeds will be donated to the Vermont Foodbank to give back..

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“It was a real gathering place. The food was terrific. You could smell someone who came out of Elsie’s from a mile away,” the dean said. “My favorite was the roast beef special. It had a spectacular dressing.” Elsie’s filled a niche that many of today’s restaurants and cafes don’t, Dingman said. “Everybody ate there,..

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Peter Forg Manufacturing, Somerville Massachusetts Metal Stamping Equipment Presses We currently have more than 20 modern punch presses including the following: AIDA 160 Ton AIDA 80 Ton Bliss SI-500 500 Ton Punch Press with 100 Ton Die Cushion Bliss #4 Toggle Deep Drawing Press Bliss SI-250 250 Ton Punch Press Bliss 308A 255 Ton Punch..

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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (self-styled as Commander Pulitzer and formerly Jeffry Jovan Philyaw) is an American entrepreneur and former treasure hunter from Dallas, Texas, known for inventing the widely-criticised CueCat barcode scanner.