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Moncef Slaoui Moncef is Moroccan Arabic born July 22, 1959) Belgian-American researcher and former head of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines department. He worked at the company for thirty years, retiring in 2017. The Slaoui Center for Vaccines Research in Rockville, Maryland—named after Slaoui and GSK’s first research and development institute in the United States—was opened on December..

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Covid Vaccine Facts | BIO Home FAQs About EN – CDC NIH BIO LOGO Answers About Help Share the Facts

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4:27 Medical Information Pneumonia – Why is pneumonia so dangerous? Every time you breathe, air travels down the trachea, through a series of channels, and then reaches little clusters of air sacs in the lungs. These tiny sacs facilitate a crucial exchange: allowing oxygen from the air we breathe into the bloodstream and clearing out..

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Functions of Human organs and glands: For full and detailed information, see: – – Functions of the Human Liver – 
Known as the second largest organ in the body after the skin, the liver has over 500 functions, including helping the blood to clot and breaking down damaged cells. Weighing between two and three..

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17:39 Leonard Bernstein conducts the National Symphony (Washington, D.C.) in a concert celebrating Aaron Copland’s 80th birthday (1980) featuring Copland’s “Lincoln Portrait”, with Copland as the narrator.

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32:41 The Spanish Flu & How The World Recovered (1918-1929) History Documentary History Time 463K subscribers Thanks to for Audible for sponsoring today’s video. Get your free 30 day trial, one free audiobook, and 2 audible originals here! OR text “historytime” to 500-500! The script for this video was researched and developed by Joshua..

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Merck Manual Professional Version – Lacerations – Hospital recommended medical information source online Comprehensive text and video information for patient understanding of medical conditions – accidental lacerations, post-surgical care, etc.

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3:03:42 Jacqueline du Pre’s WORLD 【 CELLO-SONATA 】 (Jacqueline du Pre & D.Barenboim) BATACHAN DESU 【TIMING】 1. L.V.Beethoven 7-Variations by Die Zauberflote ——(00:00) ___D.Barenboim (1970) 2. L.V.Beethoven 12-Variations by Die Zauberflote —-(10:53) ___D.Barenboim (1970) 3. L.V.Beethoven 12-Variations by Handel —————(21:48) ___D.Barenboim)(1970) 4. L.V.Beethoven Cello-Sonata#1 —————————(34:10) ___D.Barenboim (1970) 5. L.V.Beethoven Cello-Sonata#2 —————————(55:42) ___D.Barenboim (1970) 6. L.V.Beethoven..

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Google 08/06/2020 | COVID-19 prevention information sources – 150,000 USA deaths per DAY


SHUT IT DOWN, START OVER, DO IT RIGHT (U.S. PIRG) Medical Experts Tell Government: ‘Shut It Down Now, And Start Over’ Alison Durkee, Forbes As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the U.S. despite mask mandates and social distancing measures, more than 150 medical experts, scientists and other health professionals signed a letter organized..