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10 Ways to De-Clutter and Sell Your Stuff Onl... Visit

10 Ways to De-Clutter and Sell Your Stuff Online Sell—or replace—your unwanted items by visiting these feature-rich consignment websites.’s premise is simple: ... Visit

“’s premise is simple: Our consumer matching solutions allow families to search for, qualify, vet, connect with, and ultimately select caregivers in a low-cost, reliable and easy way. Our platform also provides caregivers with solutions to create personal profiles, describe their unique skills and experience, and otherwise differentiate themselves in a highly fragmented marketplace.

Hair Salons Middlebury & Addison County ... Visit

Provides links to other locations in Vermont.

Rent a Spouse – Handy Help Visit

Cleaning, Handy Work, Pet Care & More. Website being revised.

Stitch Fix – Women’s clothes Visit

For busy women on the go, Stitch Fix is the personal styling service tailored to your taste, budget and lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day. Plans being made for the service to apply to men also in the near future.

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Though we try to preach very little, we do believe that it’s time to take housekeeping out of the 50s and into the 21st Century. Harmful chemicals and inorganic solvents are no longer needed to clean things. In fact, they never were. Baking soda, lemon juice, citric acid, and vinegar are just a few of..

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Helping Neighbors Connect Front Porch Forum is a free community-building service in Vermont. Your neighborhood’s forum is only open to the people who live there. It’s all about helping neighbors connect. Invite neighbors and others to join. This service offers a return to the meaning of “Neighborhood”. Service started many years ago in Burlington and..

Desabrais Laundry & Dry Cleaning Visit

Website – – Facebook – – A Family Business providing service to Middlebury, Addison County and beyond for Many Years. Good local people.

StitchByStitch Visit

Alterations Linked listing also shows 6 other local tailor shops – Contact Singer

Rigo Brothers Visit

Alterations –