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12:08 Wonderful New York in the early 1900s in color! [A.I. enhanced & colorized] Splended footage of New York between approximately 1895 and 1925. This is a collection of my best colorized, motion-stabilized, speed-corrected and A.I. enhanced scenes of old New York about a century ago. The film shows wonderful shots of the “El” elevated..

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50:02 Viennas Forests, Jewels of Green – The Secrets of Nature Vienna’s forests make a visual impact on the city’s scenery — being a source of life and sanctuary at the same time: They are omnipresent and an enormous asset, taken for granted by many. Perhaps no other European capital boasts so many acres of..

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Burlington Vermont – Vermont’s Biggest City A HISTORIC DOWNTOWN Compact and beautiful, Burlington is home to a thriving arts scene, creative entrepreneurship, great shopping, three colleges and a university, and a full range of four-season outdoor pursuits. It’s no wonder this small, friendly city consistently earns national awards. Visit the USA See also: –

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4:33 – 1-Month Review by Real Owner. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2018 US Version, SUV Plug-In Hybrid Caleb Achy Dad Clark Published on Oct 5, 2018 My friend pulled up to the same food cart in his new Mitsubishi Outlander SUV PHEV I(Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). He was sharing his experiences after a month of driving..

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1:26:50 Ken Burns’ America Thomas Jefferson I 4 weeks ago Commenter: “A flawed man, as we all are, he found a way to amplify his Better Angels and aim for the stars. Not only for himself, but for his nation. Understanding his weaknesses, he pushed ahead choosing to focus on the good in humanity, and..

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12:48 Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area Visitor Center Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Published on Apr 10, 2018 In 2017, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department opened the doors to a brand new visitor center at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison, Vermont. Learn about the fascinating history and amazing wildlife of this special..

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9:36 Google Maps, 5 Awesome Tips (you probably did not know!) Google Street View How to use Google Maps. I look at 5 tips using Google maps. Including Time view for Street View Mapping Options And Crowdsourcing Maps

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51:15 See also – – Aerial America: New York City 24 (Full Episode). New York City’s five boroughs, capturing the city’s man-made and natural wonders and revealing the surprising ways its citizens live, work, and play in a city of 8,500,000 people.

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Manufacturer information – 3 videos provided on the website. The Lexis Light Foldable Scooter Qty: Price: $1513. Scooter weight complete 39.5 lb, 27 lb Heaviest Part Maximum load weight 300 lb loaded or 136.08 kg The SmartScoot TM is the lightest and smartest of all foldable mobility scooters. Please find below detailed technical specifications. If..

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Zion National Park. Autumn – 4K Nature Documentary Film Stunning photography in an AMAZING Natural Park.