1:00:48 Lost 50s – Full Documentary
WDSE WRPT – PBS Published on Jun 30, 2015
Full HD Version Now Available: https://youtu.be/DYLP0Y1Z3IM

Take a trip back in time to the fabulous 50s in WDSE•WRPT’s new historic documentary. It was an era when drive-ins were all the rage, and a music icon began his legendary journey at a Duluth concert. It was a decade when the Arrowhead region met a major mining challenge, and the region played a strategic role in the Cold War. The 1950s were years of prosperity, as the American way of life revolved around the car, families moved to the suburbs, and television became a part of everyday life. And local milestones included the passing of the last Civil War veteran Albert Woolson, and the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway.