1:02:46 Professor Timothy Snyder lecture — “What past catastrophe teaches us about future possibility”

House of European History
The House of European History in Brussels, Belgium, invited Professor Timothy Snyder, a leading expert on Europe’s history, to talk about the continent’s shared and divided memory, one of the museum’s underpinning themes, in the light of recent events. In examining some of the darkest moments of recent history, Snyder finds glimmers of hope, and principles that could lead us out of our current malaise.

Snyder’s lecture covered the complex question of what happens after empire. As the United States reached its final frontier and the countries of Europe abandoned their overseas territories both empires had to amend and revive their relevance in a changing world. Throughout the lecture our viewers raised questions on interesting aspects such as the furthering of European integration, Eastern European populists yearning for nation-states and the future of the countries that have suffered from colonialism.

Read a written overview of Professor Timothy Snyder’s lecture here: https://bit.ly/30vtOdg

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