11:12 The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Bacon

Mashed Published on Feb 21, 2019
From the method you’re using to cook it, to the kind of pan you use and how hot it is, there are all kinds of ways you could be doing your favorite breakfast meat a huge disservice. Here’s everything you’re doing wrong with your bacon, and how to get it right.

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Cold bacon in a hot pan | 0:14
The wrong kind of pan | 1:07
Got water? | 2:00
Not nailing your oven technique | 2:44
Two words: bacon press | 3:40
Microwave fail | 4:24
Bringing home | 4:54
Not doing it like Prince Harry | 5:44
You’re not seasoning it | 6:46
Dumping the grease | 7:42
Eau de cooked meats | 8:33
Not chilling out with your bacon | 9:13
Get hip to the bacon weave | 10:06