1:33:02 Run Silent; Run Deep Many other movies listed, including Pearl Harbor, Twelve O’Clock High, and It’s a Mad Mad Mad World

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In this powerful; classic military drama; Rich Richardson (Clark Gable; “The Misfits”) is a hard-driving; dedicated submarine officer with a single-minded purpose – to seek out and smash the Japanese destroyer he believes sunk his former ship. Given a new command; Richardson drills his men and first officer Jim Bledsoe (Burt Lancaster; “Elmer Gantry”) to point of mutiny as he relentlessly trains them for the battle ahead. At last; word comes of the destroyer’s position; and disobeying orders; Richardson finally confronts his foe; unaware that an even greater enemy lurks nearby – one who’s been targeting him for a watery grave. Directed by Robert Wise; the legendary director of “West Side Story;” with a stellar supporting cast headed by Jack Warden; Brad Dexter and Don Rickles.