13:47 Understanding Shoulder Pain and How To Fix It

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Precision Wellbeing’s Osteopath Ashley Ridout goes into depth as to why most people he sees have shoulder pain.

The most common cause is over-tightness of the shoulder muscles which leads on to the development of tendinitis or bursitis.

In many cases shoulder pain can be overcome through stretching the shoulders with a strength band and using massage balls to reduce the tightness.

In this video Ashley discusses the anatomy of the shoulder including the muscles of the rotator cuff and touches on some of the issues that can arise.

Ashley then goes on to show you the tests that he finds most useful in screening shoulder pain followed by the stretches and massage ball techniques he finds most useful.

This video will hopefully be useful for those who suffer from chronic shoulder pain, tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries or just want to simply increase their overall shoulder health.