1:58:35 Full Concert: Jazz of the 50s – Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

Jazz at Lincoln Center
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From the Vault: Jazz of the 50s – Overflowing with Style
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra
Rose Theater
February 17, 2017

3:44 – Walking Shoes (Composer/Arranger: Gerry Mulligan)
10:45 – Gone (Comp.: Dubose Heyward, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin; Arr.: Gil Evans)
17:55 – Along Came Betty (Comp.: Benny Golson; Arr.: Sherman Irby)
27:26 – The Invisible (Comp.: Ornette Coleman; Arr.: Richard DeRosa)
34:48 – Mutt and Jeff (Comp.: Thad Jones, Jack McDuff)
43:31 – Straight Street (Comp.: John Coltrane; Arr.: Chris Crenshaw)
51:17 – Besame Mucho (Comp.: Consuelo Velazquez; Arr.: Chris Crewnshaw)
1:07:56 – Flipped His Lid (From “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties”) (Comp.: Chris Crenshaw)
1:17:12 – Just A-Slidin’ (From “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties”) (Comp.: Chris Crenshaw)
1:24:03 – Conglomerate (From “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties”) (Comp.: Chris Crenshaw)
1:31:18 – Cha-Cha Toda La Noche (From “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties”) (Comp.: Chris Crenshaw)
1:38:31 – Unorthodox Sketches (From “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties”) (Comp.: Chris Crenshaw)
1:46:58 – Pursuit of the New Thing (From “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties”) (Comp.: Chris Crenshaw)

Listen to “Christopher Crenshaw’s The Fifties: A Prism” on Blue Engine Records: jazz.org/the50s

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis explores the innovative musical concepts that emerged during the 1950s – a whirlwind decade of unprecedented growth and staggering creativity. Jazz’s limitless potential was on full display during these years, as exemplified by the cool jazz of Gerry Mulligan, modal jazz of Miles Davis, hard bop of Art Blakey, third stream of Gunther Schuller, the classic elegance of the Modern Jazz Quartet, and the free jazz of Ornette Coleman.

Performing new and classic arrangements, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra will revels in the era that brought jazz beyond the clubs and into the regular programming of esteemed concert halls. This performance’s music director is trombonist Chris Crenshaw, a young genius with perfect pitch and perfect time, known also as a composer, arranger, singer, and conductor. Crenshaw’s previous composition for the JLCO was “God’s Trombones,” a moving piece that received wide public acclaim. In this show, he premieres a new composition, entitled “The Fifties: A Prism,” that showcases the Orchestra’s wide range of talent and stylistic versatility – the most comprehensive of any band in history – and immerse listeners in the incredible depth and diversity of these transformative years.

Sherman Irby – alto & soprano saxophone, flute, piccolo, Bb clarinet
Ted Nash – alto & tenor saxophones, flute, alto flute, piccolo, Bb clarinet
Victor Goines – tenor saxophone, Bb & Eb clarinets
Walter Blanding – tenor & soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet
Stantawn Kendrick – tenor saxophone, flute
Paul Nedzela – baritone & alto saxophone, bass clarinet

Tatum Greenblatt
Kenny Rampton
Marcus Printup
Wynton Marsalis

Vincent Gardner
Elliot Mason
Chris Crenshaw

Dan Nimmer – piano
Carlos Henriquez – bass
Ali Jackson – drums