16:45 Debussy “Children’s Corner” (complete) Paul Barton, FEURICH HP piano

Paul Barton
In these recordings I alternated between the sustain and 4th harmonic pedal. The harmonic pedal was invented by Denis de La Rochefordière. Read more about it on the FEURICH website: https://feurich.com/en/innovation/ped…

“Children’s Corner”. Public domain sheet music download (free) from IMSLP Music Library: https://goo.gl/wq3GHP

1 Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum 00:08
2 Jimbo’s Lullaby 02:25
3 Serenade of the Doll 05:52
4 The Snow is Dancing 08:21
5 The Little Shepherd 10:46
6 Golli’s Cake-Walk 13:27