2:07 Marblehead might only be 4 square miles, but don’t be fooled; it’s quite a big deal! Just 17 miles north of Boston, we’re one of the oldest communities in Massachusetts, and the birthplace of the American navy. Our men fought in the revolution and famously rowed George Washington across the Delaware. Walking our winding roads you may think your back in the early 1600’s, and find yourself whistling “Marblehead Forever.” When you come to Marblehead, you’ll need three things: your bathing suit, walking shoes, and appetite. With public beaches galore and seafood straight off the dock, your gonna have fun. ­If you’re staying overnight we’ve got over 30 romantic inns and B&Bs. Get ready to walk around our historic district and downtown we’ve got dozens of imaginative, boutiques, galleries, antique and specialty shops. You can’t think Marblehead without thinking boats. Hundreds of yacht races happen in Marblehead every year. It’s boaters paradise we’ve got sailmakers, famous yacht designers, and plenty of boat yards to keep you on the water. Although the ocean is the foundation of our heritage, Marblehead is much more. With some of the best schools in the Commonwealth and an active and proud community, it’s no wonder the residents never want to leave. During the summer, the Fourth of July festivities, including Marblehead Festival of Arts, bring tourists and artists from all around the world. Our local reenactments and Glover’s Regiment bring home the revolution for everyone to enjoy. And the Marblehead historical society and town government have year round museums dedicated to keeping the history alive. Marblehead Festival of Arts footage courtesy of MFoA Photo Team Glover’s Regiment footage courtesy of Kenny MacCarthy