2:12:49 Encountering BACH: a documentary film

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Bachfest Malaysia 01/2021
7 months ago
0:00 Prelude: Introduction
3:25 Childhood in Eisenach
11:22 First job in Arnstadt
21:39 Sensational discovery in Weimar
26:51 The Weimar period
29:45 Bach’s favourite prince in Köthen
35:14 Anna Magdalena
38:52 Lutheran vs. Calvinist
42:28 Arrive in Leipzig
44:29 St. Thomas School & Boys choir
51:35 St. Thomas Church
56:58 Cantatas 1: Reception and the copyists
1:07:18 Cantatas 2: Martin Luther and the chorales
1:13:51 Bach the Conductor
1:14:26 St. Nicholas Church
1:18:04 St. Matthew Passion
1:24:37 The Collegium Musicum
1:27:12 The Leipzig Town Council
1:30:00 Instruments in Bach’s time
1:38:58 Bach’s ideal choir and orchestra
1:45:44 The Bach Revival in the 19th century
1:59:25 Bach’s grave
2:01:51 Bach’s great faith
2:08:40 Postlude: Bloopers and credits

Bachfest Malaysia
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In this 130-minute documentary film, Dr. David Chin will be joined by 15 prominent German Bach scholars and musicians and visit the important Bach-landmarks throughout Central Germany, discovering the interesting stories and wonderful music of Johann Sebastian Bach, with musical excerpts performed by renowned musicians from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and others. This film project was entirely self-funded by Dr. David Chin. If you would like to support this project, please visit https://paypal.me/davidchinmusic

Dr. David Chin, Founder & Artistic Director of Bachfest Malaysia
Dr. Prof. Michael Maul
Artistic Director of Bachfest Leipzig & Musicologist at Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Dr. Manuel Bärwald
Musicologist & Researcher at Bach-Archiv Leipzig

Special Guests:
Dr. Anselm Hartinger, Director of City Museums of Leipzig
Dr. Jörg Hansen, Director of Bachhaus Eisenach
Dr. Jürgen Ernst, Director of Mendelssohn-Haus Leipzig
Gotthold Schwarz, Thomaskantor & Director of Thomanerchor
Ullrich Böhme, Organist at St. Thomas Church, Leipzig
Jörg Reddin, Organist and Music Director at Bachkirche Arnstadt
Frances Falling, Researcher and Singer at Schumann-Haus Leipzig
Christian Ratzel, Köthen Kultur und Marketing GmbH
Christiane Schmidt, Historian at Mendelssohn-Haus Leipzig
Christian Stötzner, Organist and Music Director at Georgenkirche Eisenach
David Erler, Countertenor, Leipzig
Wolfram Lattke, Tenor, Leipzig
Julia Sophie Wagner, Soprano, Leipzig
Judith Rüber, Director of Arnstadt Summer Bach Festival