22:43 The Real History of Alexander Hamilton

How historically accurate is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton? In this video essay I fact check the musical against the history books and bring you the real history of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Washington and all their founding brothers.

This isn’t a top ten of historical inaccuracies in Hamilton; while I get into some of that this is more to provide you with a historical context to put the story in. What was life actually like during the American revolution? What does the assumption of state’s debts really mean, and what happened in Boston that’s referenced in Farmer Refuted (because it’s not just the tea party).

00:00 Introduction
01:40 Part 1: Son of a Lady and a Scotsman
03:02 Part 2: What about Boston?
07:29 Part 3: The Greatest City in the World
09:35 Part 4: The Room Where It Happens
12:01 Part 5: Chaos and Bloodshed
14:52 Part 6: Are you ready for a cabinet meeting?
17:43 Part 7: Aaron Burr, Sir
21:09 Historical Inaccuracies

Big thanks to my friends Mark Bell and Michael Tynan who helped me with the research for this video essay. On our podcast REEL HISTORY we get into the historical context of movies and television shows; you can find us on our podcatcher of choice and our episode on Hamilton is available here: http://showswhatyouknow.com/hamilton/