2:26 How to Set Up the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV App (iOS)
Dilawri Group of Companies
Published on Apr 26, 2018
In this video we outline how to set up and use the Mitsubishi #Outlander PHEV app.
1. Install the #OutlanderPHEV app.
2. Ensure the driver’s door is closed and turn the vehicle on to Accessories mode (foot off the brake pedal, press power button once).
3. Within 30 seconds of turning on Accessories mode, toggle between the lock and unlock button 10 times (5 times each button), beginning with the lock button. The system will beep when it’s ready to be paired.
4. Open up your phone’s wi-fi and connect to the “REMOTExxxx” network. The password is the SSID provided with your vehicle (oftentimes with the keychain).
5. Open the app and select “Register.”
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