25:16 Repertoire: The BEST Bach Brandenburg Concertos–Take Your Pick!

Fred Lauritzen
“Interesting! I’ve always counted Bach among my favorite composers. At his best, and I’m thinking here of the B Minor Mass, the WTC and the Brandenburgs among many others, he combines intellectual rigor with musical expression as only the best composers can do. And even when Bach tilts more towards the intellectual (The Art of the Fugue, let’s say) I find his music still reaches me, although more so when I have the score in hand and can follow the interlocking themes. And he’s so transposable, whether it be recorder ensembles, Stokowski’s lush orchestrations or jazz scat singing, it all sound good. Anyway, my opinion – but isn’t it good to have different tastes and so much good music to choose from? Cheers!”