37:44 Fully rigged ship, Sailing Around Cape Horn 1928

Commenter: “Around Cape Horn 1928
All credit to Mystic Seaport videos for creating this wonderful film. They should have a dedicated youtube channel for their films as we may be missing some classics.
A rare and wonderful part of history capturing a square-rigged ship in full motion.
This incredible film was made by Captain Irving Johnson in 1928, when he was but a swabby before the mast.”

Commenter “Thank you so much for putting this up. I was shown this about 20 years ago by my now ex wife’s uncle. He has now passed away, and I always remember sitting there with him, drinking to try and keep up with him, and watching his collection of videos like this, that no-one else there seemed to care how important and cool they were. Just me totally hooked on what I was seeing, and Gary over the moon to find someone who appreciated it. Miss those times, You were a top man, Gary Johnson, and I still think of you often, especially today when I finally got to see this for a second time. Having a drink for you!!!”