54:27 Franz Schubert String Quintet in C Major, D. 956

Fatih Gün
Played by The Borodin Quartet With Alexander Buzlov (cello) – The Quintet was to be Schubert’s last completed chamber work. Just a few weeks after having completed the Quintet, Schubert died at three o’clock in the afternoon on November 19, 1828. It is widely believed to be among the handful of greatest chamber works ever composed.

The Borodin Quartet was formed in 1945 by four students from the Moscow Conservatory. Calling itself the Moscow Philharmonic Quartet, the group changed its name to Borodin Quartet ten years later and remains one of the very few existing established chamber ensembles with uninterrupted longevity. The current members of the Quartet are Ruben Aharonian, Sergei Lomovsky, Igor Naidin and Vladimir Balshin.