09 Oct 2021
October 9, 2021

5:52 Motorcycling to 100 Covered Bridges [Stuck in Vermont 647]

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5:52 Motorcycling to 100 Covered Bridges [Stuck in Vermont 647]

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Motorcycling to 100 Covered Bridges [Stuck in Vermont 647]

Mike Santosusso has fond memories of long motorcycle rides with his dad when he was younger. So, when he turned 50 in 2018, Mike began riding on his own. And in 2021, he was ready for a challenge. Mike decided to visit all 100 covered bridges in Vermont on his 2000 Honda Nighthawk 750.

Mike used the resources available online from the Vermont Covered Bridge Society to plan his trips, which he detailed in this map. Between March and August of this year, he visited all 100 bridges by riding 2,500 miles in 14 days, sharing photos on the 100 Covered Bridge Club’s Facebook page.

Eva met up with Mike at the Holmes Creek Covered Bridge in Charlotte to hear more about his adventures on Vermont’s scenic back roads.

Music: Big Spike, “Bridge to Gloryland,” “Quill Pig” & “Emily’s Bridge”

Filming date: 9/4/21

This episode of Stuck in Vermont was supported by New England Federal Credit Union.

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