58:52 Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin “WE PLAY” (Documentary, 2015)

LOFTmusic Published on Jan 28, 2017
These two grand masters of jazz have been close friends for a number of years. Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea: “I don’t think I have another musical relationship with anyone the way that Chick and I play together. It’s almost like we’re two spirits cut out of the same mould, it’s kind of scary” says Bobby McFerrin.
Recordings of their concerts in Munich and at the Verbier Festival are great examples of their creative co-operation, both in the realms of jazz and classical music. Bobby McFerrin and the Chick Corea New Trio, together with the young musicians from the Verbier Festival Orchestra, conducted by Bobby McFerrin, perform works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leonard Bernstein – and by Chick Corea: “Spain” in both an orchestra and in the original jazz version is one of the many highlights of the film. What’s the secret of these two geniuses of jazz? “We simply play”, this is how Chick Corea puts it. Avishai Cohen and Jeff Bailard from the Chick Corea New Trio happily join in.

A film by Bettina Ehrhardt

We also recommend the live concert recording “Bobby McFerrin and the Chick Corea New Trio – Live at the Verbier Festival”: https://youtu.be/y_wBKMQpmEw