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April 23, 2019

7:44 WHAT TO EAT • E31 Ecuadorian Food – 5 Things You Must Eat in Ecuador

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7:44 WHAT TO EAT • E31 Ecuadorian Food – 5 Things You Must Eat in Ecuador
Commenter: “Nice Video Dr. Mark. You managed to put out a LOT of information on a short video. Just to add to the information on the video: The best pork related food is in the highlands like Quito and surroundings and Cuenca; for secos or encebollados Guayaquil is the place; for seafood related and green plantain paradise food, Manabi province is the best. You can usually have all the named foods anywhere in Ecuador but to get the real deal it’s best to get the specialized local food.”

Wolters World
Published on Sep 5, 2018
What should you eat in Ecuador? How about Popcorn as a Side Dish? Grubs in the Amazon? Yes there are some interesting foods in Ecuador and here are our five favorite Ecuadorian dishes you should eat when you visit Ecuador.
The Food in Ecuador:
1. The Soups: Secos (Stews), Sopa (Soup) are all quite tasty. The best is Locro de Papas a creamy potato soup found throughout Ecuador. Caldo de Gallina (Chicken soup) is also a winner.
2. The Pigs: Hornado, Fritada or just simple guinea pig (guy) are all foods you will enjoy while traveling Ecuador.
3. Seafood: Ceviche, Corvina, Trout, there are a lot of great seafood and fish dishes in Ecuador to enjoy.
4. The Treats: The snacks you will find throughout Ecuador come in three typical varieties, corn based, banana based, or
5. Don’t Drink the Water, but Do Drink the Club or Pilsner Beer, the Local Soda, and Canelazo, the local hot alcoholic drink.
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