Here’s a list The Franklin Institute Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts’ favorite sites.
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Great American Eclipse
The most comprehensive solar eclipse information center for this particular eclipse. The best maps and the best links to other resources.

Mr. Eclipse
Mr. Eclipse is actually Fred Espenak, the now-retired webmaster of NASA’s eclipse information website. Lots more user-friendly resources here. Mr. Eclipse has created an informational site all about the August 21st solar eclipse.

NASA Eclipse Web Site
NASA’s website with information on all eclipses from 1900 through 2100.

NCICS Eclipse Viewability Weather Map
Weather forecast probabilities for US for the eclipse. Despite what the probability may be, there’s always a chance something different will occur. Monitor the forecast local to you observing site carefully during the days and hours before the eclipse to determine if you can stay or if you may have to move to a nearby location with better chances.

Derrick Pitts’ Specific Location for Totality
Where will Derrick Pitts be for the eclipse? Here! Come join us!

Fly with the Eclipse Shadow!
Preview the path of the eclipse across the US through this simulated flight cross-continental flight.

Eclipse Megamovie 2017
Check out this sim that shows what the event will look like at any location. Just enter your location. Also look over the site for information about the MEGAMOVIE project and how to shoot images or video of the event.

Eclipse Smartphone Photography Tips
Everybody wants a great shot of the eclipse but check out these sites before eclipse day to make sure you’ll get that one great shot!

Eclipse Viewing Glasses
At the very least, you’ll need specialty glasses to watch the entire event safely. They’re not expensive, are tested and approved, and offer the highest quality optics. The only catch: you MUST get them NOW before supplies get scarce!