I read a lot of recipes before trying this and then several cooking’s before I was satisfied. So what did I learn?
You need to cook at a high temp. I ended up at 425 convection. I think convection is important if you are using the rack not to have to flip the fries.
The potatoes must be soaked, rinsed and then dried or they will just be a mushy mess.
A light coat of oil adds some taste.
Put the salt on before you bake.
If you put them up on a rack, they will brown all around, and you do not need to flip them half way through
Never overlap fries. If they touch some, they will be ok since they will shrink a little and still brown.
rating system 4
A darn good fry.
Notes: I do these with the oven baked drumsticks. The timing and temps match nicely. Preheat before getting the potatoes cut and soaking. Work on the drummies and get them in. Then drain, rinse and dry the fries. Mix with a little oil and spread out on a rack. Salt and stick them in with the chicken. The chicken will get done first. Remove the drumsticks and let them rest a few minutes while the fries finish up.