8:15 Playlist 27 videos – Netrebko, Galanca and others
Dvořák – Song to the moon – Renée Fleming (Soprano) 8:15
Jiri Belohlavek (Conductor) BBC Symphony Orchestra
Last night of the Proms 2010 London Royal Albert Hall…

Commenter Translation of Dvorak Song to the Moon
It’s in Czech, of course, but this is the translation in English:
Moon, high and deep in the sky
Your light sees far,
You travel around the wide world,
and see into people’s homes.
Moon, stand still a while
and tell me where is my dear.
Tell him, silvery moon,
that I am embracing him.
For at least momentarily
let him recall of dreaming of me.
Illuminate him far away,
and tell him, tell him who is waiting for him!
If his human soul is, in fact, dreaming of me,
may the memory awaken him!
Moonlight, don’t disappear, disappear!

I think this performance was conducted by Seiji Ozawa. One other version sung well is with Renee Fleming at Royal Albert Hall. I am part Czech and enjoyed doing this piece years ago in college in voice school. I appreciate the ease with which she sings this.