Built for a mind-boggling $2.5 billion, the Revel was open for less than two years before closing along with other casinos up and down the Boardwalk. If Atlantic City were dying a slow death – becoming “Detroit with a Boardwalk,” as one magazine called it – the Revel would have been its gleaming tombstone.

Straub, always bronzed from South Florida life, scooped it up for $82 million, finalizing the deal in April, because that’s what Glenn Straub does. And he has plans, all sorts of plans, for the Revel and the city around it. They include water slides, zip lines, snowboard half-pipes, universities, music festivals and horses – whole herds of horses on the beaches, on race tracks and, if he has his way, even inside the iconic Boardwalk Hall. He’d like to buy Boardwalk Hall first, then Bader Field, a 142-acre former airport in Atlantic City’s back bay.