BWV846 – BWV851 Friedrich Gulda, piano April 1972
No.1 Prelude 2:08 Fugue 3:10
No.2 Prelude 2:13 Fugue 2:10
No.3 prelude 1:12 Fugue 2:19
No.4 Prelude 1:56 Fugue 3:52
No.5 Prelude 1:09 Fugue 2:00
No.6 Prelude 1:19 Fugue 2:13

Commenter: “Most worth listening piano performance playing WTC. I´ve never heard such a WTC piano playing like this Friedrich Gulda´s performance. It seems to me that I understand for the first time the musical greatness of Bach´s WTC by Gulda´s piano performance. The whole WTC pieces book 1 and 2, without exception are played by his own solid and rhythmic piano performance based on his extroadinary persistence and controlled power. Particularly, what fascinates and strikes me in his piano performance are his authentical solid tempo and his trill playing that I have never heard by other pianists. There is no boring or uninterested parts in his whole performance that I often hear by other artists.”