Apple iPhone-Controlled Electric switch:
iDevices is one of the first device makers Apple announced as a partner for its HomeKit smart home initiative. After displaying an early prototype of its first HomeKit product, a $50 smart wall outlet adapter called Switch, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, iDevices today showed a functional unit for the first time, complete with a working iOS app and voice control using Siri, Apple’s voice input system in iOS.
To review, HomeKit represents Apple’s effort to build support for smart home devices directly into iOS. It involves programming guidelines and tools for device makers, as well as an Apple-administered hardware certification process. A connected light bulb or power plug that becomes HomeKit-certified will benefit from a deep software tie-in to iOS, which will bestow various user benefits on supporting devices. It’s that connection with iOS that lets HomeKit introduce Siri-based voice commands and other conveniences to smart home products.
After Apple announced a handful of HomeKit partner companies in June 2014 at WWDC, more have been trickling into the program since then at a steady pace.