35:29 Is Kia’s first LONG RANGE EV worth Tesla Model 3 Money?! |
2019 Kia Niro EV Review Forrest’s Auto Reviews

I had clearly stated that this was Kia’s first “LONG RANGE EV” which does not mean first EV ever. However, I did accidentally say “Kia’s very first electric car” immediately after. My apologies and that is 100% NOT TRUE. Just wanted to clear that up since there are tons of people not happy with that slip up. The Kia Soul was their first full EV but it didn’t clear 200 miles of range. This Niro does and therefore makes it a lot more of a consideration to the majority of the population. That’s why this car is such a big deal for Kia. Check below for comparison specs between this and the Model 3!

Kia Niro EV will cost between $36-$38K with 239 miles of range. Tesla Model 3 standard range with 220 miles of range will cost $36K. However, you can upgrade to 240 miles of range on the Tesla for $38K. Storage space is virtually identical between the two. Tesla has a deeper cavity under the trunk floor and a front trunk. The Niro has bigger dimensions but lacks the front trunk. FWD on the Niro and RWD on the Tesla. High 6 second 0-60 in the Niro vs mid to low 5 seconds in the Tesla. Tesla has wireless updates to constantly improve your car, longer experience with electric cars, a stronger charging network, and better motor placement. The Kia has strong warranties, build quality, discounts, and the full $7500 tax credit. The Tesla only gets $3,750 in tax credits until the summer. The EV market is HEATING UP FAST!! Which would you pick? Also, would you pick anything else? (Bolt, Polestar 2, Kona EV, etc.) Comment and explain why you chose your car! Thank y’all for watching!!