1:22:00 Video & Talk by John Abele regarding successful search for submarine USS Grunion, which was captained by his father, Lieutenant Commander Mannert Lincoln Abele, USN. See also – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Abele –
Lecture Starts: 0:08:38 Questions & Answers: 1:06:15
In July 1942 the USS Grunion, an American submarine commanded by Lieutenant Commander Mannert “Jim” Abele, dove to evade a Japanese attack roughly 10 miles northeast of Kiska in the Aleutian Islands, and was never heard from again. John Abele talks and illustrates the remarkable journey in search of his father’s submarine. Mixing his personal account with actual underwater footage and photos, Abele tells of the international cast of characters who came together to help the team find the Grunion, and also provide closure to those who were left behind to wonder what had befallen the crew members. Shelburne VT resident John Abele Vermont Neighbor.