John Berninghausen, Professor Emeritus in Chinese language and literature at Middlebury College, took his Ph.D. at Stanford University specializing in modern Chinese Literature. He began his study written and spoken Chinese (Mandarin) in the 1962 in his home town of Minneapolis while an undergraduate at the U. of Minnesota from which he earned his B.A. with a double major in Spanish and Chinese in 1965. Having spent a total of more than three years studying Chinese language intensively in Taiwan and Hong Kong, he was first able to visit the People’s Republic of China for five weeks in the spring of 1972 during the Cultural Revolution period—just a few weeks after the historic Nixon-Kissinger visit. He came to Vermont in the fall of 1973 to launch a new Chinese language program at the University of Vermont. Three years later he was recruited by Middlebury College to establish a program in Chinese language and literature which quickly took root and grew into a nationally recognized Department of Chinese Language and Literature which he led as founder and department chair for its first 24 years. During the 1980s served as chair of Middlebury’s Foreign Languages Division; he also served for several years as the Dean of the Chinese School, the first chair of the East Asian Studies program and as Acting Director of all the Language Schools and Schools Abroad. His scholarly publications include editing a book on revolutionary Chinese literature, co-writer of an advanced language textbook on journalistic Chinese, several articles and translations of modern Chinese literature.