La Crosse View – Weather Station Setup & App Connection Part 1

La Crosse Technology
Welcome to the La Crosse Technology family! Use this video to help get your new connected weather station set up and synced with your La Crosse View app. If you should have any troubles during this setup process, please reference our support pages here:…

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0:00 – Welcome

0:14 – Step 1: Insert batteries into sensors

0:42 – Step 2: Power up your station using the power cord

1:10 – Step 3: Make sure your station is receiving your sensor’s data

1:33 – Step 4: Make sure your Wi-Fi Indicator Icon is flashing

2:13 – Step 5: Connect your mobile device to your 2.4GHz home network, the one you’d like your station to use

3:05 – Step 6: Download the La Crosse View app

3:24 – Step 7: Log in or create a new account

4:07 – Step 8: Follow the app’s on-screen instructions

4:32 – Scan or type in your station’s Device ID

4:45 – Confirm Image & Device ID are correct

4:57 – Enter Device & Location information

6:01 – Enter your Wi-Fi password to connect the station to your home Wi-Fi network

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