Middlebury College David W. Ginevan Recycling Center information – Article in Campus Newspaper by Chelsea Coffin

Recycling Center Has New Facility and Tools
By Middlebury Campus
October 16, 2002

Author: Chelsea Coffin

Have you noticed the barn-shaped building near the modular homes? The building is home to the new Middlebury College Recycling Center, which has been up and running since spring 2001. “The facility is so much better than before,” says Missy Paquette, Recycling Center coordinator.
The Recycling Center receives two to three truckloads of all discarded material, including trash and recycling, each day, and at least five truckloads on Mondays. Three full-time workers, seven student workers and several other part-time workers handle this heavy load.
A visual scan of the Recycling Center reveals nifty gadgets that enable the College to recycle 63 percent of its waste, according to figures from September 2002. A plastics baler compresses mixed plastics together and places straps around the bale to hold the plastic in place. A cardboard baler, monitored by an electric eye, munches large pieces of cardboard and squeezes them into manageable bales……….