25:33 Canada’s second largest city, Montreal is a fascinating blend of European charm and the American way of life.
In Vieux-Montreal, narrow lanes and small houses recall the past and also the lifestyle of the original settlers. In the old fire station at Place d’Youville – one of the oldest markets in Montreal — is the Centre d’Histoire in which the 350 year cultural history of the city is on display, from the development of the Irokese Settlement, its prolific fur trade, and right up to today’s shining, energetic Metropolis.
Although Montreal is located 1,600 kilometres from the open sea, it owes its wealth to its waterways which stretch from the country’s interior, to the ocean. A trip on the Saint Lawrence River with the pleasure boat, BATEAU-MOUCHE, contrasts old, historic warehouses with the highly contemporary apartment block of the Cité du Havre Habitat.