55:55 Legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow is undoubtedly the first hero in the history of American broadcasting, a distinguished reporter who forever set the industry gold standard through his unparalleled courage, integrity and newsgathering excellence. From his electrifying World War II frontline coverage to his once-in-a-lifetime interviews with such prominent 20th century icons as John F. Kennedy, Louis Armstrong and Fidel Castro, Murrow truly understood the spellbinding beauty and power of the spoken word, and television would forever be indebted to his unique contributions. Narrated by former CBS newsman Charles Kuralt, THIS REPORTER presents a compellingly candid portrait of Murrow’s illustrious career and features rarely-seen clips from the CBS News Archives and interviews with his esteemed peers. From his gutsy search for journalistic truths during the McCarthy era to his celebrated Person to Person chats with Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando, this in-depth documentary explores how Murrow’s pioneering work left an indelible mark on American broadcasting. Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, and Barbara Walters are on-hand to reflect upon the fascinating life of America’s first television journalist.