Peter Forg Manufacturing, Somerville Massachusetts

Metal Stamping Equipment
We currently have more than 20 modern punch presses including the following:
AIDA 160 Ton
AIDA 80 Ton
Bliss SI-500 500 Ton Punch Press with 100 Ton Die Cushion
Bliss #4 Toggle Deep Drawing Press
Bliss SI-250 250 Ton Punch Press
Bliss 308A 255 Ton Punch Press
Bliss 308 255 Ton Punch Press
Bliss C110 110 Ton Punch Press
Bliss C75 75 Ton Punch Press
Bliss C45
Bliss 23 75 Ton Press
Bliss C60 60 Ton Punch Press
Minster #6 56 Ton Punch Press
Johnson 50 Ton Punch Press
Product 8 Station Turret Punch Press
Niagara LB-60-6-8 Press Brake
Bliss C-35 35 Ton Punch Press
Niagara SC1-150 150 Ton Punch Press

Jordaco 10 Ton Press
Plus Other Small Presses
Complete Line of Coil Feeds
Cincinnati Shears, 3/8″ Capacity and
2 Smaller Sizes
Quickwork Rotary Shears,
1/4″ Capacity, 80″ Diameter
Pexto Rotary Shears, 1/16″ Capacity,
18″ Diameter
Welding Equipment
3 Spot Welders to 75K
Acetylene Welder
Hobart Arc and Arc-Spot Welders
Toolmaking Equipment
Bridgeport Japax Wire EDM
36 Inch Bullard Vertical Boring Mill
42 Inch Blanchard Surface Grinder
18 Inch Blanchard Surface Grinder
Bridgeport Prototrak CNC Miller
CADKEY/DATAMAT Programming Systems

Plus a Complete Line of Other Lathes, Millers and Grinders
Sheetmetal Brakes, Riveting Machines
Allen, DuMore, Procunier, and Speedycut Tapping Machines
Radial and Conventional Drills
Mills Falls Straight and Circular Deburrers
Plus a Complete Line of Layout and Inspection Equipment
Tumbling Equipment and Deburring
5 Vibratory Bowls Up To 10 Cu. Ft.
2 Barrel Tumblers
2 Time Savers Up To 36″ Wide
Metal Stamping Equipment, precision die cutting equipment, toolmaking equipment, shears, tumbling equipment, deburring, welding equipment, tapping machines, radial, conventional drills.