Playlist Mix 51 videos – Logging with Draft Horses at Riceland Meadows Farm. Small scale diversified farming

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Join Joe Mischka at this 39th annual draft animal powered field day.
Members of the association come together to work the fields with their draft horses and educate the public.

We first see great footage of these teams working the fields:
8 Shires on a 3-Bottom Gang Plow
5 Percherons on a 2-Bottom Gang Plow
3 Shires on a Sulky Plow
2 Mules on a Sulky plow
2 Belgians on a Corn Binder
2 Percherons on a Potato Digger
2-year-old Brown Swiss Working Steers

Joe hears about the annual foal raffle in which the organization buys a draft horse foal which goes to the winner.

Lastly, we get a thorough instruction on preparing a horse to work the fields.He demonstrates on one of his Percheron team names Major. He first demonstrates grooming the horse before harnessing to make sure there is nothing that would cause rubbing or sores to develop.

Next he shows us his horse collar with pad, how it fits and how to put it on the horse. Mel then harnesses the horse by applying the britchen, backpad and harness.

Here is the process:
Harness: hames set and tightened, breast and pole straps, crouper, quarter strap
Bridle and Bit: bit first, hook chin strap and chain, throat latch, over check under driving lines (to keep horses from eating hay or grass).

This is a great tutorial on harnessing your workhorse!

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