If you are hunting for that elusive Vermont ancestor and your searches keep coming up empty maybe you havent gotten on-board with a new tool on our website? Too many of our members are overlooking one very useful resource that is free with their memberships – all the hundreds of other members with skills, ancestors and knowledge about specific towns.
Cheryl Johnson (#983) can’t research our town offices and libraries easily from California. But she has certainly learned the value of our community of local experts. As a new member she recently posted a query on the forums in our Members Only area asking about Isaac Sweeny born in Vermont in 1831. Tom Wheel (#985) wrote back to her in his first week as a member. Tom had researched a distant uncle and encountered lots of data on Isaac’s family including a critical name change. What was the real name?? Where did Isaac’s ancestors come from?? Here’s a clue – it wasn’t from the ‘Emerald Isle,’ after all.