21:00 The White River Flyer is an excursion that runs along the scenic Connecticut River from White River Junction, VT to East Thetford, VT and back for a total trip duration of 2 hours, leaving WRJ at 12 and 2. Powering the train is Green Mountain Railway Company ALCO RS-1 405, which was built for the Rutland RR in November of 1951, making this locomotive 60 years old at the time of capture. Despite the dreary weather, there are a decent amount of fall colors along the trip on this Saturday afternoon, October 6, 2012. Because of the fall colors, the train has a lengthy consist of 6 cars. The weather made lighting and filming conditions absolutely horrible, but this is how the weather tends to be the later it gets into fall—with the occasional spur of cloudless days. The line is owned by the Vermont Rail System, which runs its Washington County Railroad freight trains through here.