38:00 Follow a Vermont Rail System freight and ethanol train through the Green Mountain Gateway passing scenic and historic locations amidst the spring bloom. This train, of 6 locomotives representing almost all schemes and locomotive types on the VRS at the time, makes the 40 mile, 4+ hour journey restricted to 10 MPH on jointed rail from the yard in Rutland, VT to the interchange with New England Central Railroad in Bellows Falls, VT. Power for the train is:
VTR GP40-3 312
CLP GP38 203
VTR GP40-2LW 310
GMTX GP38-2 2663
GMRC GP40 304
CLP GP38 204

May 8, 2011
The forecast was for sun, but unfortunately a large band of clouds made for a relatively dreary day. Despite that fact, the chase is full of a lot of excitement, mainly because of a the rare, six locomotives leading a train through blooming flowers and budding trees as Spring starts to take hold in Vermont. There are also scenes that will never be repeated, such as the train passing the Bartonsville Covered Bridge, which was tragically wiped out 3 months later in the high, fast flowing waters from Hurricane Irene.