Once perceived as a laggard in hybrid technology, Ford now claims nearly 500 hybrid patents that allow the Fusion Hybrid to achieve 41 MPG on the highway. According to Hybridcars.com, Ford has pointed to its talented inventors, making “special mention of Ming Kuang who has helped Ford since 2000 to expand its portfolio of hybrid patents from just 10 patents when he began to 461 today.” Quoted in Autotrader.com, the veteran engineer says “it’s about helping make the world my children live in-and the world my children’s children will live in-a better place.”
The Ford Fusion line-up was included in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2010 “Top Safety Pick’s” rating for the mid-size category. As of June 2010, Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids are the only two mid-size hybrid vehicles in the list. Due to the fact that Ford recently modified and strengthened the roof structure of the Flex, Fusion, and MKT vehicles, these 2010 ratings apply only to Lincoln MKZs, Mercury Milan and Fusions built after April 2010.