Zanny Minton Beddoes – Wikipedia

Born in Shropshire, Beddoes was educated at Moreton Hall School near Oswestry, received an undergraduate degree at Oxford University, where she studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Hilda’s College. She earned a master’s degree at Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar from 1989-1990, one of the relatively few who have had the scholarship fully renewed for an additional year.

After graduation, she was recruited as an adviser to the Minister of Finance in Poland, in 1992, as part of a small group headed by Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard. She then spent two years as an economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), where she worked on macroeconomic adjustment programmes in Africa and the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe.

Through this work, she joined The Economist in 1994 as the newspaper’s correspondent for emerging markets, based in London. She became the Economics editor in 1996, overseeing global economics coverage from Washington DC, and later moved to Business Affairs editor, responsible for business, finance and science. She began as the 17th and first female editor-in-chief on 2 February 2015.